The Web Design Process

Once you have contacted us regarding your web site design project we will enter discussions with you either face to face, via email or skype so that we fully understand what you require.  We will then prepare a full web development proposal.  This document will illustrate the project brief as we understand it and will detail precisely what we will deliver for you.

Naturally this proposal will have detailed pricing, so that you can understand exactly what the costs involved are.

After The Price Has Been Agreed

Once you have confirmed instruction to us we will begin the production process.

In the first instance we will develop for you a draft front page.  This will be hidden from view so it cannot be seen publicly.  We will send you a login so you can view and we will invite your feedback.

Taking on board your feedback we will continue the draft process until we have a design which you are happy with.  From this point we will continue to build the site, following the front page design.  Any specific features or functionality will be added.

Final Testing and Launch

As we near completion of the production we will begin to test all functionality  and make sure everything works as it should and displays correctly on different devices.

We will ask you to proof read all content to make sure that we have everything as you would like it.

Once this is complete it will be time to remove the password protection and launch your website.  We will submit your domain name to the major search engines so that they can start to include the site in their search results.

If you have a Content Management System (CMS) or e Commerce site we will, at this stage, make sure that you fully understand how to add and change content.